Add an option to SnippetCallback to automap parameters


When this option is enabled then SnippetCallback will attempt to associate a server control to the selected web methods parameter by matching its name.
For instance if you have a web service callback method SaveSnippet(string firstname, string lastname) then setting SnippetCallback.AutoMapParameters to true, would map a server control with an Id of 'firstname' and a server control with an Id of 'lastname' to the SaveSnippet parameters respectively.
Closed Oct 7, 2008 at 10:17 PM by fluxtah
At first I thought this was possible by just having the flag AutoMapParameters but looking into it further its not as easy as this.

The SnippetCallback has no way to get at the service methods parameters in order to do a control id to parameter name match.

I added a feature in the map parameters wizard step that will do this auto-match as a work around.